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Thank you for taking the time to complete our online intake form. We have provided more information below:

Your application will be reviewed and a response from our office can take up 7 business days. 

We are
FULLY booked, and no longer accepting due dates from now until Mid March 2024. If your due date is in this timeframe, your name will automatically be placed on the waiting list. You will not receive a response from the office. 

We reserve a limited amount of spots for the beginning, middle and end of each month. Although the timeline above states we're fully booked during those particular months - we still may be full for due dates in the month ahead/currently booking. 

If we are full, or you do not live in the area we services, you can find alternative clinics by visiting:

Regular business days are from Monday to Thursday. We are closed Friday-Sunday.

Thank you!
Midwifery Services of Durham
Serving the Durham and Markham Regions

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