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**COVID Restrictions - 2 people may attend appointments - mask are mandatory**



On the day of your appointment, we will require you (and your support person, if attending) to complete an online COVID screening (link above). You will not be able to enter the facility until the screen is completed. Show the screening results to the administrators upon entering, or email us the results. If you do not pass, do not enter the clinic. 


Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment. Once you arrive, text the office line at 905-427-5407  with your name, team and appointment time, to notify the clinic and Midwife you have arrived. 


A friendly reminder that the clinic is operating with the current restrictions

- Mask are mandatory for anyone entering the building 

- Visitor restriction is in place - 2 people may attend appointments (1 can be a child over the age of 2)

You and your support person MUST complete a screening form individually! Do not combine a screen for your AND your support person - you must each complete your own form. 

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