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Tuesday April 9th to May 14th

Tuesday April 9th to May 14th

Weeknight class that runs for 6 weeks every Tuesday from 7-9pm online via Zoom and in person and taught by Nicole Daniel, Registered Nurse. 


Prenatal classes are a fun and important way to prepare pregnant women and their partner for the upcoming birth of their baby. These classes offer information on:


  • Class1 - What to expect during the labour, birth, and postpartum period - Virtual
  • Class 2 - Comfort measures such as massage, breathing, relaxation, positions for labour, and ways to use a “birth ball” (in person class @ Durham Midwives Clinic)
  • Class 3 -How the labour partner can provide support - Virtual
  • Class 4 -Natural pain relief options - Virtual
  • Class 5 -Medications, epidurals, cesarian sections - Virtual
  • Class 6 -Baby Care & Breastfeeding (in person class @ Durham Midwives Clinic)


Price of class reflects you and 1 support person. 


Non-refundable less 30 days to start of class

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