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Mother Baby Bonding

Postpartum Virtual

Care Sessions

Early Postpartum Virtual Support Group

We recognize the additional stress and isolation that the pandemic has created for everyone, but even more so for new mothers. One of the factors that supports mental health in the postpartum period is connection, especially with other women in the same postpartum period.


When: Wednesday mornings from 11 am to 12:30 pm


Who is invited: Parent and baby from Birth to discharge at 6 weeks postpartum


Where: Virtual Sessions using Zoom (information and link to join is below)

To increase privacy for all, we will use the following tools and practices during the Zoom session:


  • When you join, the waiting room feature is enabled and Shelley will admit you. 

  • The sessions are only open to clients of Midwifery Services of Durham/ Markham Stouffville Midwives. Only mother and baby are invited to join. 

  • Find a relatively quiet, private place to join the session for both your privacy as well as the other participants' privacy. 

  • Use a headset if possible, to help maintain the privacy of others on the call and improve the sound quality so you can be heard easily. 

  • At any time during the session if you do not wish to be seen or heard: 

    • you can move your camera or turn the camera off  

    • you can mute your mic

    • The chat feature will be turned on if you do not have a mic or do not wish to talk.


How to join the Zoom Postpartum Support Group Session:


Step 1: Use the link below


Step 2: Please join the meeting and put your first name. Shelley will help you with that when you join if need be. The session starts at 11 am, however it is a good idea to get logged in 10-15 minutes before and you will be then taken to a virtual waiting room where Shelley will admit you to the session.


If you need to contact Shelley with any questions, please email her at 

Once the session starts at 11 am Shelley will not be able to answer any emails. It is important to get logged on well ahead of time in case you have issues.





Join Zoom Video Postpartum Support Group Session:


Meeting ID: 872 2424 2378

Password: 070175

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